Additional Experiences

Autonomous Robot for Hardware Competition

EE Senior Capstone Project, UAB – Aug. 2018 - Apr. 2019

Aim: Build an autonomous robot for IEEE Southeast Conference student competition

  • Implemented the localization component of the project with a Lidar and a variant of ICP
  • Setup the Raspberry Pi with light-weight versions of Linux and ROS
  • Gained more experience with real-time processing and embedded systems

Alarm Clock for People with Deaf-Blindness

BME Senior Capstone Project, UAB – Sept. 2016 - April 2017

A request from the Alabama Department of Rehabilitation Services led us to discover the need for an inexpensive method to provide a timekeeping and alarm device that can be set by people with deaf-blindness without assistance from a caretaker, thereby increasing the users’ independence. Based on price and quality gaps between existing solutions and the desired device, we developed an alarm clock that features an analog clock face to be read by tactile stimulation, an electrical interface that matches those found in standard bed vibrators already commonly used in the deaf community, and a “reverse braille” push button mechanism to set the original time as well as the alarm. The reverse braille input mechanism is novel in itself, due to its relatively minimalist direction which contrasts modern designs which have become increasingly complex. In addition to its usage in our cost-effective alarm clock, the reverse braille input mechanism can be applied to a wide variety of independent niche uses for individuals with deaf-blindness, which could increase their independence drastically.

Undergraduate Journal Editorship

Inquiro, UAB’s official peer-reviewed undergraduate research journal – Sept. 2014 - May 2017

  • Oversaw publication of Volume IX and X
  • Served on editorial board for Volume VIII
  • Argued for and secured funding for a website rebuild from the Office of the Provost to make Inquiro a visually appealing, open-access online publication